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The Equity and Inclusion Award

The NADCP Equity and Inclusion Award recognizes individuals and treatment court teams making efforts to improve service across diverse populations, eliminate cultural disparities, and ensure equity and inclusion.


  • Nominations are due Friday, April 7, 2023.
  • Nominees must demonstrate efforts to address equity and inclusion to improve opportunities for all individuals to participate and succeed in treatment court. These can include, but are not limited to, efforts to ensure proportional representation of minorities, women, or other groups who have historically faced systemic discrimination; actions to achieve equitable substance use disorder treatment, incentives and sanctions, and outcomes; efforts to deliver more culturally competent services; and/or data-collection efforts and follow-up actions that result in improved equity and inclusion.
  • If nominating a treatment court team, the nominated program must be in operation for a minimum of two years.

Questions should be directed to Carolyn Hardin.

Who may nominate: Nominations may be made by state treatment court coordinators, professional members of an operational treatment court program, NADCP members, NADCP executive staff, or members of the NADCP Board of Directors.

Nomination and selection process: Nominations will be reviewed by members of the NADCP Equity and Inclusion Committee. The selected nominee(s) will be presented to the NADCP Nominations, Orientation, and Awards Committee for approval. More than one award may be given.

Award presentation: Awards will be presented at RISE23; the winner(s) of this award receive two (2) free registrations to the conference.

Nomination Form