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This year as part of National Treatment Court Month, All Rise hosted an art contest for treatment court participants and alumni. We accepted submissions in three categories:

  1. Drawing/painting
  2. Poetry
  3. Photography

These amazing works were celebrated at RISE23 in a special gallery. Below are the winners for each category as voted by RISE23 attendees and a sample of the incredible submissions we received.


1st Prize: $150
2nd Prize: $100
3rd Prize: $50

Painting/Drawing (click image to view submission)

1st Place

Brandon F.

"Finding change making better choices from past experiences, learning, bettering oneself, and being free from substance, mental health issues, and just being happy."

2nd Place

Jesse A.

"Because its saying thru the darkest moments as in people going through addiction go through a dark phase and if they stay strong enough with the help of support, they will eventually see the light into a better life. The lights on the edge help display that."

3rd Place

Sandra R.

"This art reminds me of being in a scary dark road with everything being dead. Until I found the road with life, light, and meaning."

Poetry (click image to view submission)

1st Place

Sandra R.

"This is how my days were and changing my days one day at a time."

2nd Place


"Phases of Life"

3rd Place

Paige H.

"Poetry has always been a healthy outlet for me, it's where I find comfort during difficult times. Writing is a very therapeutic and healing way to process emotions. I believe poems reflect the voice of your soul. Poetry is a space where your imagination can roam free."

Photography (click image to view submission)

1st Place

Lindsey D.

"Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. Today, I am a person in long term recovery. Years ago, I would have never noticed God's beauty. Today I blessed to witness His beauty. I am grateful for my family and the drug court team who never gave up on me."

2nd Place (tie)

Jennifer T.

3rd Place

Heidi P.

"Sunrise on the river at Pelican bay."

2nd Place (tie)

Jonathan A.

"It shows how there is a fire that is destroying our lives "Drug Addiction". And if we allow that fire to stay in the dark it will continue to destroy the lives that we try so hard to maintain. And with the help of programs like the drug court that has seen this 30yr addict get clean we can do it."

Submission Gallery (click image to view submission)